Child’s First Visit

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Abid Hidayat holding baby boy after dental exam and cleaning

This handsome 15-month-old baby was brought in for an exam. We are a family centric office, and we love seeing young ones!

It is recommended to have your child visit the dentist within six months of eruption of the first tooth or one year of age.

Even a cursory exam at this age can determine:

    1. Dietary habits
    2. Hygiene routines
    3. Eruption patterns
    4. Pacifier use
    5. Tongue/lip ties
    6. And, of course, caries

Here at The Smile Team, Dr. Abid Hidayat will examine your child and check for these and other signs for a healthy mouth. As Scarborough’s top dental clinic, we are a family centric dental clinic.

Call us anytime at 416-546-5599 to book your child’s next visit.