Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Wisdom tooth extraction is basically a process to remove one or more of your third molars. Molars are the last set of teeth to erupt and they usually develop when people are in their late teens. These teeth are often susceptible to issues.

Here are some facts about wisdom teeth: 

  1. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure.
  2. Wisdom teeth can cause oral health problems and many serious conditions needing medical and dental care.
  3. Wisdom tooth extraction is not as scary as it sounds.  
  4. Some people have 4 or more wisdom teeth while others may have none.
  5. Keeping wisdom teeth clean is very difficult and their positioning can often cause major issues with other molars.
  6. Removing wisdom teeth earlier is advisable as the bone is softer, patients are healthier and overall the risks are less. 
  7. Each surgery is different but when performed with care, people recover well. 

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